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The Beauty of the Human Spirit

I am starting a new series of posts called The Beauty of the Human Spirit.  Its creation is inspired by two things. These words which I don’t know if I wrote or found. “When we share the beauty of the human spirit, we plant a garden of hope within every life we touch.” My profound […]

Rise and Shine 10: The Courage to Care

We live in a world filled with grieving people.  Their hearts are breaking as they seek to be seen by another person before disappearing entirely, before becoming ghosts due to lack of meaningful human contact.   Eye contact, a smile, a gentle hello could save them. Yet so many people are chained to the screens […]


RISE AND SHINE 35: Who Am I, and What Do I Stand For?

I’ve lived a life of contrasts.  Twice I have risen like the mythical Phoenix from the ashes of the complete and utter destruction of my life as I knew it.  Once I had a trusted colleague ask me, “Do you know how intimidating you are?”  In utter shock, I answered, “No.  What in the world […]