Rise and Shine 18 ON BEING HUMAN

Rise and Shine: Woman with Arms Outstretched at Sunrise - Ready to Take on the Day

Long ago, God asked me to be one of His healing resources for His hurting children.  I said “yes” but only after I said to God, “are you sure you mean me, Sandy Breech?”  In response, God assured me that He always knows exactly what He is doing. He then patiently informed me that my job was to help people see themselves through the eyes of God who loves them rather than through the eyes of a human world that judges them harshly.

Humbly but joyously, I began to do what I believed God wanted me to do.  I read, researched, and wrote as the Holy Spirit guided me.  The words flowed through me like living water and seemed to touch the hearts and souls of those who read them.  I lived in a constant state of amazement that God was blessing me in such a way.  I had found my purpose and was living it.

Then the serpent reared its ugly head and set my human flaws in overdrive.  I began to believe I wasn’t doing enough and didn’t know enough to be able to build a global resource for healing.  I became so tangled in technology that I no longer had time to read or research to find the knowledge and patterns that would shed new, healing light on old pain.  The living water that had once flowed through me seemed to have vanished.  I was devastated and could no longer find joy or inspiration to write…I felt hollowed out, a ghost, lost and alone.

Fortunately, God, who is always with each of us, wrapped me in His love and light.  I returned to Him, the source of all love and healing.   As a result, I once again spent quiet time with Him.  I rediscovered inspirational books that touch my heart and soul.  The Bible, Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson, and Jesus Speaks by Steven K. Scott once again spoke to me every day.  Inch by inch and step by step, I climbed out of the hole that my human doubt had dug for me.  I found my way back to my path.  Just this morning, December 9, my quiet time with God brought me wisdom from Revelation 2:4-5 — do the things you did at first.  And that is exactly what I’m doing.  At this moment, I am sitting at my keyboard, thinking of you as I type.

You were born to shine!  I’m human.  I know that is a terrifying thought.  However, no change, no transformation can take place until you change your mind.  Change your mind and change your life.  Love or fear; light or dark?  I don’t want to be afraid anymore.  I choose to shine.  How about you?


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