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Rise and Shine: Woman with Arms Outstretched at Sunrise - Ready to Take on the Day

HOW CAN I HELP?   This question contains only four tiny words but has the power to change my life, your life, and the world.  Who would we be if we offered the best parts of ourselves rather than the suspicious, fearful, and often angry parts?

Covid and its demands to isolate, to fear, and to surrender the joy of human connection wounded us in ways that were, and are, a challenge to our ability to believe that life can be good, that we can have hope of a better tomorrow.  We have to find an antidote to that bleak and dismal outlook.  It’s killing us, and it’s killing our world.

I am an optimist.  I continue to focus on the belief that people are good and that light can conquer the dark.  Honestly, I can tell you that often I experience very powerful reasons to abandon that optimism.  However, my heart and soul tell me that the cost of abandoning optimism and embracing cynicism would cost me more than I am willing to pay.

So, as the optimist, I am telling you that I believe we have the antidote that is so desperately needed, and it is a part of each and every one of us.  I can feel you asking, “How can I, a regular person, not a superman or superwoman, overcome the darkness that now fills our world with despair?”  The answer is simple; return to the center of your being which is love.  Offer hope and healing with the simple question “How can I help?”

How do you feel when someone offers to help?  I can tell you that I feel wonderful.  I can also tell you that I feel wonderful when help someone.

HOW CAN I HELP?  Let’s live it.



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