Rise and Shine 8: From My Heart to Yours

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I have very significant holes in my pool of knowledge regarding technology and the virtual world.  I often work on different aspects of this resource and shout, “Oh no! What happened? Where did my work go?”  Because of these deficits, it probably takes me at least five times as long to accomplish a healing resource goal as it would take someone with only reasonable skills – a six-year-old could probably “work rings around me” as my mom used to say.  This particular blog is an excellent example; I have probably redone it at least four times because I keep “disappearing” my writing. Wow! What in the world am I thinking? Why do I push myself so far beyond any glimmer of my comfort zone?

The answer is simple.  You matter.

Long ago, God asked me to be a healing resource for all His hurting children on this earthly plane, and I said, “Yes.”  He obviously didn’t pick me because I am a “technology wizard”. I believe He picked me because He knows all that He created me to be (even when I don’t), and He’s asking me to trust that, with Him, I can do anything.  He’s testing me and growing me so that I can help you be everything He created you to be… so that you can live in joy and freedom rather than terror and slavery to false messages of a toxic world.

Today, I am adding “From My Heart to Yours” to the Rise and Shine blog because I feel that your knowing me as a fellow human being is an important part of our journey together.  If you’re trusting me with you, I feel you should be able to know that I am the person I say I am, that I am a person who hears and understands you, that I am a person who can offer you resources and tools for hope and healing.  

This blog will always be a work in progress.  It will evolve and grow as we discover what works best.  You play a critical role in this evolution because I can’t know what gives you hope and healing unless you tell me.  We are each so gloriously unique and complex that what works best for me may not work for you at all. The tools that free you to see yourself with better eyes and shine may not work for Susie, or Bobby, or anyone else.

I seek and welcome your input and wisdom.  Take my hand and come with me; I am here waiting.

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