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Born to Shine Toolbelt Time

I am starting over this morning. I got so tangled in trying to understand how to use social media to be seen in the world that I became invisible. I now understand clearly that my job was never to be a media marketing success. My job was always to offer healing resources to God’s hurting children…and I’ve been failing miserably.

So, dear friends, let’s start from scratch.

Close your eyes and imagine an incredibly beautiful gate. Can you see it? It is the entrance to a land of wondrous and limitless possibilities. You have the key. If you use the key to open the gate, you and I will begin a journey together that may transform each of us. How or if we are changed will depend on the choices we make; will we remain earthbound, or will we be given wings to fly? Choose.

I believe prayer is the key to opening that gate. Prayer is a heart-and-soul connection with our loving Creator; it is a conversation that grows us closer to Him and expands our ability to feel the wonder of following Him. Praying, literally, changes how we see and experience the world. I agree with Mark Batterson, author of Draw the Circle, when he writes:

Prayer is the difference between seeing with our physical eyes and seeing with our spiritual eyes.
Prayer gives us a God’s eye view. It heightens our awareness and gives us

a sixth sense that enables us to perceive spiritual realities that are beyond our five senses.

Prayer is the most powerful tool I can offer you. IF YOU WANT TO SEE YOURSELF WITH BETTER EYES, YOU NEED A NEW LENS. Choosing to see yourself through the eyes of a loving God rather than through the eyes of a critical and toxic material world will change everything, and prayer is the Holy tool that will open your eyes forever to the truth of “I am and always will be enough!”