The Beauty of the Human Spirit

people helping one another up a mountain, beauty of the human spirit

I am starting a new series of posts called The Beauty of the Human Spirit.  Its creation is inspired by two things.

  • These words which I don’t know if I wrote or found. “When we share the beauty of the human spirit, we plant a garden of hope within every life we touch.”
  • My profound belief that we humans need to see reminders of our loving kindness and grace. We need to see and hear examples of our light and what a miraculous gift it is to the world, and we need it as much as we need air to breathe.

So, I will post pictures that show us at our best as we choose to love, honor, and respect one another.  It is my prayer that these posts will touch your heart as they do mine, and you will begin to feel, and choose to feel, the light and love that is the center of my being and yours.

This first photograph is of my sister and her grandson, Walter.  My sister often cannot walk with any assurance of staying upright.  Her grandson has taken her hand so that he can help her walk to the river with him.



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